Mercato Saraceno (FC)
Municipality of Mercato Saraceno
Company's role
Structural and Architectural executive design, construction supervision and security coordination during the design and execution phases
Type of project
Seismic adequacy of existing building
“F. Zappi” school was designed on 1963 and then it was built on 1966/1967. The building has a rectangular shape in plan with an internal open court.
The main intervention of seismic adaptation consists in the insertion of steel columns and metal bracings, the first is entrusted with the resistance to the vertical static loads, and the second is entrusted with the horizontal seismic actions. The bracing will be partly based on micropiles and partly on superficial foundations. The structural intervention is completed by the realization of reinforced concrete jacketing on the two-layers masonry walls and a new 4 cm thick r.c. lightweight slab in order to guarantee the realization of a rigid surface. Besides the structural intervention of seismic adaptation, energy efficiency will be done.

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