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The ALL INGEGNERIA Technical Study has developed and perfected over more than thirty years of activity, in-depth skills in the integrated design of load-bearing structures, architecture and systems in the civil and construction sector.

The experience gained in particular in advanced anti-seismic design and in the execution of interventions with innovative technologies for both new and existing structures, historical or contemporary, is certainly the element characterizing the specificity of the professional skills of the Technical Study.

In fact, within the Technical Study there are figures with specific training and staff able to provide maximum competence and performance for tasks of any level of complexity.

The Quality Certification according to ISO 9001: 2008 (obtained since 2003) has also sanctioned the passage towards a planning and control system of the design able to guarantee in a codified way the expected result from the Clients, today largely majority consisting of Public Administrations.

The growing professionalism of the Technical Study, after gradually becoming qualifying for the Public Administrations in all the Regions in the national territory, has allowed the Technical Study to also carry out structural, architectural and plant design projects in important international assignments, with extremely stimulating implications in technical and generally deeply constructive.

To date, therefore, the ALL INGEGNERIA Technical Study offers its customers complete, specialized and integrated training in all disciplines and at all levels of the design, with an exhaustive package of hardware and software tools for reliability and performance usually used also at abroad in the academic and research fields.

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