PLACE: Lombardia, Emilia Romagna, Piemonte, Liguria e Sicilia

CLIENT: Department of Firefighters

PERIOD: 2013-2014

COMPANY’S ROLE: Structural “in situ” survey, coordination of “in situ” surveys, structural modeling, interpretation of results, preliminary design and estimate

CREDITS:Prof. Ing. Luigino Dezi, Dott. Ing. Gabriele Dezi, Dott. Geol. Stefano Giuliani

The project concerns the seismic assessment of firefighters barracks located in Lombardy, Emilia Romagna, Piedmont, Liguria and Sicily (total volume 151668 m3). In Lombardy the assessment regarded the seats of Castiglione delle Stiviere and Bergamo, in Emilia Romagna the seats of Reggio Emilia and Rimini, in Piedmont the seats of Susa and Domodossola, in Liguria the seats of Albenga and La Spezia, finally in Sicily regarded the seats of Palermo and Priolo Gargallo. The assignment was interesting both for the quantity of buildings and for their structural diversity.