PLACE: Francavilla al Mare (CH)

CLIENT: Municipality of Francavilla al Mare

PERIOD: 2014

COMPANY’S ROLE: Structural “in situ” survey, coordination of “in situ” surveys, structural modeling, interpretation of results, preliminary design and estimate

CREDITS: Studio Associato Ingegneria 2000, Dott.Ing. Angela Scorpecci

The building called “Sirena” consists of two buildings which belongs to different periods; they are adjacent and functionally integrated. The first building was built between 1950 and 1953 and overlooking the place; it is the subject of the seismic vulnerability’s assessment. The second one was built during the ’90 in order to extend the structure. The original building has a typical structure of its construction period; it consists of a central three-dimensional framework composed by reinforced concrete beams and columns and of two masonry lateral appendixes. The horizontal slabs are SAP or reinforced concrete floorslab.