PLACE: Ancona

CLIENT: Ministry of Infrastructures and Transports

PERIOD: 2012

COMPANY’S ROLE: Structural and geotechnical design

TYPE OF PROJECT: Seismic adequacy of existing building

CREDITS: Dott. Ing. Corrado Maria Cipriani

The school complex was built in 1960 and consists of three independent structures: body “A”, body “B” and gymnasium. The total volume of the building amount to 16600 m3. The gymnasium is formed of a framework composed by three columns repeated along the longitudinal direction. The bearing structure of the others bodies is made of R/C columns and beams and reinforced concrete and hollow tiles mixed floors. In order to achieve the seismic adequacy it has been inserted a steel braced system with dissipative device and it has been strengthened the brittle elements with carbon fibers.