PLACE: San Claudio di Campiglione (FM)

CLIENT: Regional health authority

PERIOD: 2012

COMPANY’S ROLE: Structural and geotechnical design

CREDITS: Studio di architettura Manara & Partners – Studio Gigli arch. Paola e Nicoletta – ETS Engineering and Technical Services s.p.a. – Termostudi s.r.l. – GEO/Tec

The hospital complex consists of nine structures. In order to safeguard the building from the seismic actions, the building is equipped with a base isolation system formed by elastomeric seismic isolators. In specific, the project consist of the realization of two 40 cm thickness sliding R/C plate, separated by 80 cm width seismic joint, then it will be built the main structures on them. The structures belonging to the same plate will be separated by 10 cm width seismic joint.