“ALL INGEGNERIA”, earlier called “Studio Tecnico Prof. Ing. Rodolfo Antonucci – Dott. Ing. Stefano Leoni”, is born like a team of structural engineers in seismic areas.
From the origins it shows clearly the “social” which aims the team that, based on thirty years experience in the field of earthquake engineering, is at the service of the Private and Public Sector.
The “Team” aim to be the technical representative in favor of public safety, in case of earthquake; in particular it take interest both in new constructions and in seismic assessment of existing buildings such as strategic buildings (hospitals, schools…) and buildings which belongs to the architectural heritage. The undertaking of this role presumes a continuous study in the field of innovative technologies and new anti-seismic systems (dissipative systems and seismic isolation systems). The scientific activity derived from the imprinting of Prof. Rodolfo Antonucci (he was member up to December 2014 and he has a curriculum vitae full of academic awards relative to a prolific research activity and any publications among which specific texts about structural restoration works); now it developes both within the “Team”, thanks to the cultural background and to the skills of members, and externally through the collaboration with prestigious partners who are qualified in seismic protection. The challenge of the “Team”, who work in the national area, is to turn attention beyond national boundary. Recently in fact they have obtained the results as the participation to tender notice in association with international organizations (“Consultancy Services for Design of Kartal Lutfi Kirdar Hospital”, Turkey 2009; “Improving Resilience to Seismic Risk Project – National Vulnerability Assessment and Pilot Retroffitting”, Bhutan 2014).